Would You Like Some Help with That?



A lot of people approach customers and prospects expecting that they're going to get business.  This kind of thinking is fraught with peril.  The minute you call with that attitude it will be telegraphed in your language over the phone.  If you're meeting in person it will be telegraphed in your body language and micro-facial expressions. 

It's much better to go into the conversation with an eye on how you’re creating value.  After establishing your pitch all it takes is asking, "Would you like some help with that?" It makes things interesting.  It’s coy and direct at the same time! 

This is a friendly way to propose that they do business with you.  It’s not about asking, "Would you like to sign here on the dotted line?"  You’ve already determined that your offering is something that could help them become more competitive, profitable, and valuable.  Now it’s time to offer your assistance to make sure it can happen.

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Posted by Mark Jewell