Why Should They Care?


Why should your prospects care about energy efficiency?  What messages would pique their interest enough to have the conversation? 

Why Should They Care?

If you talk to a CFO, there’s a 50/50 chance they think of energy as a fixed cost and that they can't really do much to move that needle in a big way.  They have bigger things to worry about.  In that case, you need to be talking about something that is foremost on their mind.  It could be safety or attracting and retaining workers.  They may be concerned with regulatory non-compliance.  They want to maximize product quality. They want to stay competitive and profitable.  When energy solutions are connected to those challenges, you’re speaking their language. 

If you can reframe energy efficiency to resonate with any of your prospect’s goals or concerns, you’ll have much more effective sales meetings.  Prospects will see that what you're selling aligns with what they care about. So, to the extent that you stay in the world of “bits, bytes and blinking lights,” you're putting yourself at a great disadvantage.  You have to bring something else to the table and make it relevant to a decision-maker in order to hear a “yes.” 

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Posted by Mark Jewell