What’s Your Procrastination Type?



We all know that procrastination is bad for productivity. The reluctance to do things that are unpleasant seems to be hard-wired into our human nature, which is unfortunate since our jobs often require us to take care of tedious and mundane tasks.

So why is it such a pervasive issue in the workplace? Because we trick ourselves into believing that we can save tasks for later and still get them done, with few (or no) repercussions. While we may be able to procrastinate and still meet our deadlines, this practice increases stress, decreases the quality of our work, and leads to frustration, guilt, and burnout.

An article published by FastCompany examines five common types of procrastinators and proposes actionable solutions for each type. If you find yourself procrastinating, I highly recommend reading this article and considering using the suggested remedies to overcome the problem. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell