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What’s Your End Goal?


Before you interact with a prospect or customer, ask yourself, “What is my goal right now?” As sales professionals, our end goal is usually to make a sale; however, there are many steps that come before you “seal the deal,” and in order to stay on track, it’s important to consider what you intend to accomplish with each step.

whats your end goal

This kind of forethought applies to virtually every form of communication, whether you’re leaving a voicemail, writing an email, drafting a one-page proposal, compiling a report, or giving a presentation. What is your goal? What do you want your prospect or customer to do?

If you can identify a single, primary intention, you’re ahead of the game. And if you continue coming back to that theme, just as a piece of music always returns to the refrain, your message will be all the more clear. So, don’t take a shot in the dark – make sure you know where your target is and shoot directly at it.

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Posted by Mark Jewell