What Is Your Content Strategy?


Communicating is a large part of selling and we’re often told to be “on message” and consistent when we’re speaking with prospects and customers.  The same principles apply to marketing and our online presence, which is the basis for content strategy.  This kind of marketing focuses on the “why” of the sale and on keeping the message simple and concise. 

What is your content strategy?

As you can tell from virtually all of Selling Energy’s curricula, we believe the “why” is paramount when communicating with customers.  The best content strategy resonates at that same frequency.  In short, a customer should view your content and have answers for the following questions: 

  • Why should I be interested?
  • What should I do next?
  • Why should I do it? 

If you’re interested in optimizing your marketing skills and making sure your messaging is on point, then Content Strategy at Work is a straightforward guide to get you (or your team) on the right track. 

Here is the summary on Amazon

“Content is king... and the new kingmaker... and your message needs to align with your model and metrics and other mumbo jumbo, right?  Whether you're slogging through theory or buzzwords, there's no denying content strategy is coming of age.  But what's in it for you?  And if you're not a content strategist, why should you care? 

“Because even if content strategy isn't your job, content's probably your problem-- and probably more than you think.  You or your business has a message you want to deliver, right?  You can deliver that message through various channels and content types, from Tweets to testimonials and photo galleries galore, and your audience has just as many ways of engaging with it.  So many ways, so much content... so where's the problem?  That is the problem.  And you can measure it in time, creativity, money, lost opportunity, and the sobs you hear equally from creative directors, project managers, and search engine marketing specialists.

“The solution is content strategy, and this book offers real-world examples and approaches you can adopt, no matter your role on the team.  Put content strategy to work for you by taking in never-before-seen case studies from teams at Johns Hopkins Medicine, MINI, Icebreaker, and more.  Content Strategy at Work is a book for designers, information architects, copywriters, project managers, social media consultants, and anyone who works with visual or verbal content.  If communication matters for your company or client, put content strategy to work for you.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell