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What Color Is Your Parachute?


Are you currently looking for a new job or planning to transition to a better role? This might seem intimidating since our economy is still recovering and many businesses are using skeleton crews and remaining socially distanced. Networking events aren’t as available. LinkedIn may be a good place to start, but is that enough?

What Color Is Your Parachute?

Fortunately, there is a 2021 edition of a book I’ve recommended before, What Color Is Your Parachute?: Your Guide to a Lifetime of Meaningful Work and Career Success. It’s a definitive and updated guide on how to navigate the job market and discover what motivates or satisfies you. Whether you’re looking for a major change or a different job title, this bestselling guide can give you some insights on what you should do next.

Here is the summary from Amazon:

With timeless advice, up-to-the-minute insights, and more than ten million copies sold over fifty years, the world’s most popular and best-selling career guide is fully revised and expanded for 2021.

“In today’s challenging job-market, as recent grads face a shifting economic landscape and seek work that pays and inspires, as workers are laid off mid-career, and as people search for an inspiring work-life change, the time-tested advice of What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more than ever. This completely updated edition features the latest resources, strategies, and perspectives on today’s job market, revealing surprising advice on what works—and what doesn’t—so you can focus your efforts on tactics that yield results. 
“This practical manual has been fully revised for 2021 by Vanderbilt University Career Center Director Katharine Brooks, EdD, with modern advice on the job hunt strategies that are working today, such as building an online resume, making the most of social media tools to network effectively, interviewing virtually with confidence, and negotiating the best salary possible. 
“At its core is Richard N. Bolles’s famed Flower Exercise, a unique self-inventory that helps you design your career—and your life—around your key passions, transferable skills, traits, and more.
“With the unique and authoritative guidance of What Color Is Your Parachute?, job-hunters and career changers will have all the tools they need to discover—and land—their dream job.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell