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Weekly Recap, September 13, 2020


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap
Monday: This week's book recommendation is a handy manual for asking the right questions based on over 15 years of sales research! This might be the bedside reading you need this month.

Tuesday: When you the right emotional hot buttons to the conversation with a prospect, you can positively push your products or solutions from a “nice to have” to a “need to have.”

Wednesday: One way to sell in our current environment is telling customers energy efficiency will help them regain their financial footing.

Thursday: LinkedIn can be a surefire way to contact people who seem completely out of your reach. The more you learn about them, the more you can personalize your messaging when you decide to get in touch.

Friday: Encountering resistance during a sales discussion can be intimidating, but if you know how to migrate the discussion to what matters to the most, you won't only keep things on track, but better service your customer.

Saturday: Eager to shake hands these days? Of course not! Here are some tips on how to navigate certain situations that are too close for comfort.


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Posted by Mark Jewell