Weekly Recap, September 22, 2019


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

weekly recap sept 22 2019
Monday: Based on interviews with over 80 of his colleaguesBill Campbell's Trillion Dollar Coach illustrates his tried-and-true philosophy. This book is not only a self-help book, but a tool for coaching yourself to be your best – with an emphasis on people rather than accomplishment or winning.  

Tuesday: Here’s a question that you should ask yourself before you go to market: “What does my listener or reader need to know in order to understand and take action?”  

Wednesday: Learn how to prepare a presentation that will win over an audience.

Thursday: Check out some principles that set one-page proposals apart from the ones that don’t work.

Friday: When it comes to sales, a lot of our time is spent learning about a prospect’s needs.  Sometimes, one needs to “connect a few dots” to help the prospect realize just how urgently they need your proposed solution. 

Saturday: Setbacks in life aren’t necessarily failures, but part of the process. This recent write-up from Fast Company details five ways you can reframe these challenges and get yourself onto the right track.

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Posted by Mark Jewell