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Weekly Recap, October 18, 2020


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap, October 18, 2020
Monday: Remember that whether you lead others or simply your own work efforts, you still need to be a leader! Why not utilize advice from some of the best?

Tuesday: Where do you excel? What is your specialty? What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t? This is just the beginning of figuring out your edge over the competition.

Wednesday: Motivating a prospect isn't a cookie cutter process. It involves knowing their particular pain points as well as what will give them relief. In short, it's not about making the sale, it's about fulfilling a need.

Thursday: As most of us are aware, social media can be a toxic place, but that isn't the case for every platform. Here are several reasons why LinkedIn should be in every sales professional's arsenal.

Friday: Taking the leap is hard for some of our prospects. It's up to us as sales professionals to set them straight on what they're missing.

Saturday: Video conferences are the new norm for sales meetings, but there is a science and art to doing them well. Here is a rundown on how to get the best out of your at-home setup.

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Posted by Mark Jewell