Weekly Recap, November 20, 2022


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Weekly Recap, November 20, 2022

Monday: Introverts are underestimated in the business world. Today’s book is a reminder that the quietest people sometimes have the best insights.

Tuesday: I’m often asked how to write a successful one-page proposal. These are some templates that have worked for me over the past thirty years.

Wednesday: Selling in residential situations takes a specific kind of forethought and expertise, especially in the wake of COVID-19! Here’s a primer.

Thursday: Your messaging should be woven into your language like the refrain of a song, whether it’s in a voicemail, an email, or a presentation.

Friday: Don’t believe all the myths! Here are some common stereotypes you'll find surrounding the sales profession, disproven one at a time.

Saturday: Emails are an integral part of our work, and with each one we hope to get a response. What if just two words can make all the difference?

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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