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Weekly Recap, November 15, 2020


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

15nov2020 weekly recap
Monday: Failure isn't necessarily an ending. It can be a beginning. Our book recommendation this week is about picking yourself up and continuing down the road of success, regardless of setbacks.

Tuesday: In some cases you aren't selling to the prospect in front of you, but everyone up the food chain. Here is how to make sure your message can stand on its own with a landlord or board.

Wednesday: It’s more important to resonate with that property manager's goals than to focus on what’s next. You not only need to convince them, but also give them the tools to make things happen.

Thursday: Many of our prospects have suffered serious losses due to the pandemic and the recession. It's up to us to reframe our offerings as a way to help them weather the storm and become better than ever.

Friday: Looking for some words of wisdom to close out this week? Here are quotes that our readers have enjoyed the most since the beginning of this year.

Saturday: This year our homes have become an all-in-one space for living, working and tending to our families. In a word, it's been a lot. Here is some advice on staying productive when you're managing a whirlwind of responsibilities.

Learn how to migrate the discussion away from “features” and beyond “benefits,” putting all the focus on their prospect’s values.


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Posted by Mark Jewell