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Weekly Recap, May 2, 2021


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap, May 2, 2021
Monday: A year ago we began offering seminars on how to weather the effects of COVID and the recession. In that spirit we recommend a book written specifically for thriving in the wake of 2020.

Tuesday: I'm often asked about finding new leads, but it's important to remember that your current customers have a lot of potential too! Here are the reasons why.

Wednesday: I have to remind my students that money might be the last thing on a prospect's mind. Here are insights into other aspects of the sale that shouldn't be overlooked.

Thursday: Offering free stuff may seem like a sure thing when it comes sparking interest. It can also be a set-back and crutch for inexperienced salespeople. Here is a refresher on what counts.

Friday: You only get one chance to leave a first impression. Whether you're meeting a (socially distanced) prospect face-to-face or making a cold call, this is how you should present yourself.

Saturday: There is more to a goal than setting it for yourself. This weekend, check out some tips on how to turn it into a plan and put it into action.

Learn dozens of tips on how to clone current customers, create referral programs, and nurture coopetition arrangements that are mutually beneficial.


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Posted by Mark Jewell