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Weekly Recap, March 28, 2021


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap, March 28, 2021
Monday: Economic crises happen and are bound to happen again. This week we recommend a playbook on how to survive during difficult times, as well as a bonus guidebook on COVID-19.

Tuesday: Most of us didn't set out to make sales our specialty. The same could be said for many of our coworkers and peers; however, asking for their insights or empowering them to take a few notes can make a big difference.

Wednesday: Belts have been tightened and taking on new projects might be the last thing on your prospect's mind. However, if your offerings can help their finances in the long run, that could turn everything around.

Thursday: When it comes to networking some salespeople think that the more contacts they make the better off they'll be. That isn't necessarily the case. The more you know about who you're targeting, the more you'll know who to seek out and contact.

Friday: Sometimes a prospect goes radio silent and seems completely out of reach. These are the tactics I use to shake things loose, including what I call "the nuclear option."

Saturday: Work can get monotonous, so it's important to break things up and give yourself a boost. This week's recommendation takes just a few minutes but the results have been proven to keep you energized.

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Posted by Mark Jewell