Weekly Recap, March 1, 2020


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap, March 1, 2020
Monday: Some people have a certain quality that sets them apart. Leaders are no exception. But how does someone like that attain those qualities?

Tuesday: Sometimes a prospect goes silent. If you already have a good relationship with your potential customer, getting back in touch with them is the next step!

Wednesday: When you approach an organization with an energy project, you have to knock out the competition. Here’s a three-step process that will help you succeed.

Thursday: Getting internal data can be challenging for a sales professional. Here's a workaround: ask if there were any unexpected benefits from your project.

Friday: There are situations where you fall short of a customer’s expectations, particularly when it comes to parts of the process that are beyond your control.

Saturday: Sometimes you need to shake up your life in order to get to the next step. There are many ways to do it, both straightforward and creative.

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Posted by Mark Jewell