Weekly Recap, July 7, 2019


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Weekly Recap July 7, 2019
Monday: If you’re confused about the difference about a “like,” a “retweet” or a “tag" on social media, Greta Van Susteren’s Everything You Need to Know About Social Media (Without Having to Call a Kid) will set you straight, transforming the unfamiliar into an indispensable toolbox.  

Tuesday Check out a way to reframe a lighting retrofit decision by using the metaphor of an oil well when illustrating the wisdom of purchasing a more expensive, longer-lived replacement lighting fixture. 

Wednesday: Learn to address prospect's horror stories concerning service providers who have let them down.

Thursday: Check out how to tell if a prospect is genuinely interested. 

Friday: Learn how to pick up leads for future customers. 

Saturday: Here's a recent article highlighting 6 ways you can up your resilience game.

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Posted by Mark Jewell