Weekly Recap, April 28, 2019


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Selling Energy Blog Weekly Recap April 27, 2019
Monday: Check out a story of how I migrated my career from commercial real estate to a path that took me to where I am today.

Tuesday: There are certain strategies that you can adopt to improve sales performance. Learn more.

Wednesday: Time management is an awareness of how you're spending your time, and once you're aware of that you can take steps to improve it. Learn 5 tactics to improve your time management. 

Thursday: One of the best places to find more prospects is by carefully examining your past, rather than looking at your present or gazing into the future.  Here are 7 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your past customers. 

FridayHere are 2 strategies that will simplify the decision-making process for your prospects and maximize your sales. 

Saturday:  Check out 5 of the most common words to avoid in emails. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell