Weekly Recap, April 21, 2019


Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs...

Selling Energy Weekly Recap April 21, 2019
MondayWhat is the difference between marketing and advertising?  Seth Godin, the author of This Is Marketing, points out that while these words used to be synonymous, times have changed.

TuesdayAt the conclusion of your first meeting with a prospect, do you schedule a follow-up visit before you leave… or do you wait and do it over the phone later?  In my experience, it’s best to schedule the next session before you leave.

WednesdayWhat are the best ways to handle project delays? Make it about your prospect’s specific benefits.

Thursday: The sales profession is greatly misunderstood. Learn more about the common misconceptions about working in sales.

FridayBeing obsessed with a question and sitting in one place until the answer comes into your head is not always the right approach. In fact, you should do exactly the opposite. 

Saturday: Learn how to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell