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Turbocharging Your Sales Machine



Happy New Year Friends! 

I’m glad that I came across Chet Holmes’ The Ultimate Sales Machine recently.  He not only believed in focusing your efforts but streamlining them until you’re efficient and unstoppable.  As a whole, the book is a callback to a notable quote from Bruce Lee: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” 

Unfortunately, Chet Holmes passed away from leukemia in 2012. However, his message holds up and compliments what we promote at Selling Energy.   Today I want to further his mission.  The Ultimate Sales Machine believes that training yourself (and your staff) is imperative.  And not only that – you don’t stop there!  Keep training.  Keep learning.  Don’t just sell your product, sell yourself and everything you have to offer.  Make an effort to speak to the most important people and make your message clear and imperative. 

If you’ve attended one of my classes this may seem like old hat, but Holmes puts his own spin on being successful at sales.  If you’re looking for some enriching material to read in your spare time, look no further. 

Here is the book summary from Amazon: 

“Chet Holmes helps his clients blow away both the competition and their own expectations. And his advice starts with one simple concept: focus! Instead of trying to master four thousand strategies to improve your business, zero in on the few essential skill areas that make the big difference.

“The Ultimate Sales Machine shows you how to tune up and soup up virtually every part of your business by spending just an hour per week on each impact area you want to improve- sales, marketing, management, and more.”


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Posted by Mark Jewell