Genuine Rapport

By Mark Jewell | August 13, 2019
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Grab Your Glass of Water

By Mark Jewell | August 09, 2019
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How to Sell Effectively to Cities, Counties and School Districts

By Mark Jewell | August 08, 2019
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Benefits of a Positive Mindset

By Mark Jewell | August 02, 2019
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The Cost of Maintenance

By Mark Jewell | July 26, 2019
One of the many benefits of upgrading to more efficient equipment is reduced maintenance costs. In some cases, the cost ... Read More >

Tips to Streamlining Your Prospects

By Mark Jewell | July 25, 2019
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Body Language, Part 2

By Mark Jewell | July 24, 2019
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7 Tips to Active Listening

By Mark Jewell | July 19, 2019
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How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch

By Mark Jewell | July 16, 2019
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What’s Your Niche?

By Mark Jewell | July 09, 2019
I believe that no niche is too small if you own it.  You’re better off initially narrowing your focus to a couple of ... Read More >