How to Prevent Employee Burnout

By Mark Jewell | April 28, 2018
Sales managers deal with employee burnout on a regular basis. Sometimes the burnout comes from too much workload or too ... Read More >

You Don’t Have to Wine and Dine

By Mark Jewell | April 27, 2018
  You may think this is crazy, but I would be hard pressed to think of a time when I’ve taken a prospect to a ... Read More >

Ask Upfront

By Mark Jewell | April 26, 2018
  Many salespeople are afraid to ask potentially deal-breaking questions upfront. They think that these questions ... Read More >

Cold Calling Tips

By Mark Jewell | April 25, 2018
  One of my first sales jobs was cold calling from lead lists.  I would dial 200 numbers a day, make about 40 ... Read More >

Unexpected Outcomes

By Mark Jewell | April 24, 2018
In many of our keynotes and workshops we highlight “non-utility-cost financial benefits” and “non-financial benefits.”  ... Read More >

Business Acumen

By Mark Jewell | April 21, 2018
  If you’re a frequent reader of my blogs, you know that I talk about the importance of business acumen. Knowing what’s ... Read More >

You’ve Attended Our Sales Training – Now What

By Mark Jewell | April 20, 2018
  You may find yourself in an environment where you are the lucky person to attend one of our sales trainings.  Maybe ... Read More >

Keeping up with Your Leads

By Mark Jewell | April 13, 2018
  If you follow up too infrequently, you’re going to lose your prospects.  Here are some tips on how to keep yourself ... Read More >