Don't Be Afraid to Ask

By Mark Jewell | August 26, 2022
When it comes to getting referrals, the only way to know if a former customer will give you one is to ask. Modesty and ... Read More >

Questions to Ask a Potential Customer About Their Pain Points

By Mark Jewell | February 08, 2022
Sometimes you’ll encounter a prospect who has scar tissue concerning service providers who have let them down. When ... Read More >

Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask During a Sales Meeting

By Mark Jewell | October 01, 2021
Preparation is key when you've committed to a sales meeting. Here are some dos and don'ts you should review before ... Read More >

Sales Professional as a Symphony Conductor

By Mark Jewell | September 03, 2021
When planning your strategy for closing a complex sale, one of the first questions you need to ask is, “How many ... Read More >

Hypothetical Selling

By Mark Jewell | August 26, 2021
Now is a good time to revisit lost proposals. Why? Because the circumstances are different now and your prospect might ... Read More >

How to Address the “What Do You Do for a Living” Question

By Mark Jewell | July 02, 2021
It’s common to hear the question, "What do you do for a living?"  It’s also tempting to launch into the usual bits, ... Read More >

Answer These 3 Questions to Nail Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Mark Jewell | July 01, 2021
Communicating is a large part of selling and we’re often told to be “on message” and consistent when we’re speaking ... Read More >

The Question Trilogy

By Mark Jewell | June 30, 2021
It’s crucial to learn what your prospect needs from you before he or she is willing to buy. One of the best ways to ... Read More >

4 Customer Profiling Questions

By Mark Jewell | June 29, 2021
Before you reach out to a prospect, do you take the time to research the company to determine their likelihood of ... Read More >

13 Sales Questions to Ask Your Prospects

By Mark Jewell | May 06, 2021
Tony Robbins is fond of saying that the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of the questions you ... Read More >
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