Pivoting Your Sales Plan

By Mark Jewell | August 20, 2020
I’m often asked that when it comes to major changes in the sales landscape, where the heck do you start? First off, I ... Read More >

7 Principles That Are Essential to the Sales Cycle

By Mark Jewell | August 19, 2020
I was given an excellent suggestion from one of my students regarding a sales program of his own!  Since he and I have ... Read More >

The Fine Art of Soft Selling

By Mark Jewell | August 18, 2020
The last thing prospects want to experience during a sale is pressure or desperation, especially considering our ... Read More >

How to Tell if Prospect is Fishing for Quotes

By Mark Jewell | May 19, 2020
I’ve had several students approach me about how to tell whether a prospect is legitimately interested in their ... Read More >

Redefining How to “Close” a Sale

By Mark Jewell | April 23, 2020
Closing a sale can be viewed as something with a Machiavellian spin to it.  There’s the stereotype of a salesman whose ... Read More >

Everyone Is A Salesperson

By Mark Jewell | March 02, 2020
If you’re familiar with my teachings you’ve heard of The Accidental Salesperson, not only as a concept, but as a ... Read More >

8 Misconceptions About Working in Sales

By Mark Jewell | April 18, 2019
You can never understand someone else’s position unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, or so the old adage ... Read More >

Characteristics of an Energy Sales Professional, Part 3

By Mark Jewell | February 22, 2019
  Energy Sales Professionals are: Friendly You put your customers at ease and never make them feel as if they’re ... Read More >

Characteristics of an Energy Sales Professional, Part 2

By Mark Jewell | February 21, 2019
  Energy Sales Professionals are: Effective Communicators You know how to word things in a way that a wide range of ... Read More >
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