Sales Call Best Practices

By Mark Jewell | November 20, 2020
Over the course of more than four decades of selling, I’ve steadfastly adhered to certain best practices for speaking ... Read More >

Selling During COVID-19

By Mark Jewell | November 19, 2020
Being human and genuinely empathetic is key in today's economy. Our careers are being disrupted by all sorts of supply ... Read More >

Overfilling Your Pipeline

By Mark Jewell | November 18, 2020
Throughout my Selling in a Recession series, one of the phrases you’ll hear me repeat is “overfill your pipeline.”  ... Read More >

Ways to Make the Right Trade Allies

By Mark Jewell | September 18, 2020
If you're looking for allies to help you add prospects to your pipeline, you have to find the right people.  They need ... Read More >

Three Documents You Need for a Sales Meeting

By Mark Jewell | September 17, 2020
When you attend an online or in-person sales meeting you should have three documents prepared and ready to go.  Before ... Read More >

Do You Have a Bad Closing Rate? Here’s How to Fix It!

By Mark Jewell | September 16, 2020
If you have a lousy closing rate, what are you doing wrong?  It's usually a combination of talking to the wrong people ... Read More >

When You’re the New Kid in Town

By Mark Jewell | September 15, 2020
When you find yourself in a new company or a new sales territory, the first thing you have to do is build rapport.  ... Read More >

Regaining Your Financial Footing

By Mark Jewell | September 09, 2020
One way to sell in our current environment is telling customers energy efficiency will help them regain their financial ... Read More >

Recession Selling in the Residential Setting

By Mark Jewell | September 08, 2020
Due to the pandemic many of us have been quarantined to our homes, and as a result we have become more familiar with ... Read More >

Asking the Right Questions

By Mark Jewell | September 07, 2020
Although most in-person meetings are on hold, sales calls are very much alive and well. Making a connection is ... Read More >