Showtime! A Group Presentation Primer

By Mark Jewell | July 27, 2022
Yesterday, we laid out the benefits of making sales presentations to a large group of prospects. Today, we’ll discuss ... Read More >

The Live Experience

By Mark Jewell | July 26, 2022
Have you ever been to a live stand-up comedy show in a packed comedy club? If not, I strongly recommend it. There ... Read More >

Win Over Your Audience

By Mark Jewell | June 29, 2022
How do you prepare a presentation that will win over your audience? The first step is to carefully contemplate the ways ... Read More >

Are There Any Questions?

By Mark Jewell | May 18, 2022
No presentation is complete without asking, "Are there any questions?"  Read More >

6 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Sales Presentation

By Mark Jewell | May 05, 2022
Too many people in the sales world spend four months trying to get an appointment, four hours driving to and from the ... Read More >

A Personal Connection with Your Audience

By Mark Jewell | March 31, 2022
When you walk into a room to give a presentation, one of the best ways to break down the barrier between you and your ... Read More >

Presentation Timing

By Mark Jewell | March 22, 2022
Most sales professionals are asked to give presentations from time to time. If someone says you’ve got 60 minutes to ... Read More >

Sales Presentations Basics

By Mark Jewell | February 09, 2022
Students often ask me about how to conduct sales meetings and presentations.  We spend half a day on this subject ... Read More >

6 Ways to Not Have People Tune You Out

By Mark Jewell | January 18, 2022
When you’re giving a presentation or pitching a sale online, you’re always at risk of losing the attention and focus of ... Read More >

PowerPoint Basics

By Mark Jewell | December 28, 2021
The way people typically design PowerPoint slides is a joke, mostly due to outdated guidelines. PowerPoint ... Read More >
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