Sitting in on the Meeting

By Mark Jewell | August 11, 2022
Have you ever been in a situation where a prospect tells you that they need to talk to the rest of their committee ... Read More >

Sales Research, Part 2

By Mark Jewell | July 29, 2022
Yesterday, I wrote about some online research techniques. If you want to get even more specific with your research, ... Read More >

Sales Research, Part 1

By Mark Jewell | July 28, 2022
Before you meet with a new prospect, the one thing you absolutely must do is background research. I’ve written several ... Read More >

Benefits of a Positive Mindset

By Mark Jewell | June 03, 2022
While closing a sale is a great way to put yourself in the right mindset for selling, you don’t need to wait for ... Read More >

4 Categories to Explore Before Meeting with Your Prospect

By Mark Jewell | June 02, 2022
What methods do you use to get to know your prospects before you meet with them? I'm here to tell you that you really ... Read More >

Selling Energy Efficiency to Homeowners

By Mark Jewell | May 24, 2022
Your own home can be one of your best investments.  It can provide a better financial return than the stock market, the ... Read More >

How to Recruit (Or Become) The Ideal Team Player

By Mark Jewell | May 23, 2022
You have heard it before: teamwork is essential.  But just how essential?   Read More >

No "One Size Fits All" to Productivity

By Mark Jewell | May 21, 2022
In today’s productivity-focused blog, we emphasize that there is not one specific tool or way to be productive that ... Read More >

The Cost of Maintenance

By Mark Jewell | May 20, 2022
One of the many benefits of upgrading to more efficient equipment is reduced maintenance costs. In some cases, the cost ... Read More >

The Value of Appraisal

By Mark Jewell | May 19, 2022
When you’re selling an energy-efficient solution in the built environment, you might consider emphasizing the potential ... Read More >
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