Rebate and Incentive Tips, Part Two

By Mark Jewell | September 28, 2022
Verify accurate input by third parties: Several years ago, a national retailer needed to file hundreds of incentive ... Read More >

Rebate and Incentive Tips, Part One

By Mark Jewell | September 27, 2022
Utilizing rebates and incentives can be key in getting your efficiency projects approved. Over the course of the next ... Read More >

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

By Mark Jewell | September 23, 2022
What is your competitive advantage? If you don’t have a clear picture of how your business differs (or fails to differ) ... Read More >

Talk Less, Listen More

By Mark Jewell | September 22, 2022
Passionate people love to talk about their passions. If you’re in the efficiency industry, you may be passionate about ... Read More >

7 Signs You Should Invest in Sales Training

By Mark Jewell | September 21, 2022
Is your sales team performing at its best? Probably not, but corporate managers tend to overlook even lackluster sales ... Read More >

What's the Real Payback?

By Mark Jewell | September 20, 2022
It will come as no surprise to anyone who has experienced one of my efficiency-focused professional ... Read More >

Use the Right Yardsticks and Connect the Dots

By Mark Jewell | September 16, 2022
To be a truly successful sales professional, you must reframe the benefits of your product or service so they can be ... Read More >

How to Find Your Internal Champion

By Mark Jewell | September 15, 2022
When you’re approaching a new organization with an energy project, you want to make sure you’re putting your project in ... Read More >

Setting Limits and Framing Comparisons

By Mark Jewell | September 14, 2022
Most buyers like to have choices, and they get personal satisfaction knowing that they made the right choice. That ... Read More >

Demonstrate Your Expertise

By Mark Jewell | September 13, 2022
Like any essential sales tool, referrals or introductions will emphasize your competence and expertise in your field. ... Read More >
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