Big (Inbound) Changes Ahead

By Mark Jewell | May 18, 2020
Part of our new Selling in a Recession online curriculum addresses how the nature of sales is changing at a rapid ... Read More >

Active Listening Over the Phone Tips, Part 3

By Mark Jewell | April 07, 2020
Here are some additional tips for active listening over the phone.  Realize that restating what the speaker has said ... Read More >

What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

By Mark Jewell | April 06, 2020
Regardless of what you do for a living, there are plenty of stories about “good managers” and “bad managers.”  But ... Read More >

What a Good Sales Manager Should Do

By Mark Jewell | March 18, 2020
Sales managers should always be asking their people for stories so their Success Story Archive™ becomes a living ... Read More >

The Top 10 Skills Salespeople Need to be Successful

By Mark Jewell | January 01, 2020
Some people say that good salespeople are born, not made. Certainly, there are specific personality traits that top ... Read More >

Follow Up Tips

By Mark Jewell | March 13, 2019
We sow the seeds of our own destruction by not following up with customers.  My philosophy is when you send a proposal, ... Read More >

How to Find Your Customer’s Why

By Mark Jewell | March 12, 2019
I’ve often talked about the “why” behind selling energy, because in the end that’s what drives the bus.   Read More >

Sales Management 101

By Mark Jewell | March 11, 2019
Being a sales manager is a demanding and complex job where your duties are constantly shifting.  You need to oversee ... Read More >
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