Don't Talk Past the Sale

By Mark Jewell | August 31, 2022
I talk a lot about being concise and focusing attention on the real value proposition, particularly in the context of ... Read More >

Proposal Writing Tips

By Mark Jewell | August 30, 2022
The way in which you frame your product or service in a proposal can mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no.” ... Read More >

Discover Your Internal Compass

By Mark Jewell | August 29, 2022
The business world isn’t always known for its best examples.  Companies rise and fall when they are led by power-hungry ... Read More >

4 Tips to Better Manage Emails

By Mark Jewell | August 27, 2022
Email is a great tool for business communication; however, it has the potential to be extremely detrimental to ... Read More >

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

By Mark Jewell | August 26, 2022
When it comes to getting referrals, the only way to know if a former customer will give you one is to ask. Modesty and ... Read More >

Reframing Your Motivation

By Mark Jewell | August 25, 2022
No matter how much we love our jobs, there are times when work can seem tedious. Maybe we have to make a bunch of cold ... Read More >

How to Follow Up After Sending a Proposal

By Mark Jewell | August 24, 2022
In this time-sliced society, people are interested in action.  People start muttering under their breath if their web ... Read More >

How to Connect with a Decision-Maker

By Mark Jewell | August 23, 2022
When it comes to getting face time with a decision maker, some companies are hard to penetrate. At times, you don’t ... Read More >

Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less

By Mark Jewell | August 22, 2022
Blah blah blah… This is a state of mind that everyone is guilty of succumbing to from time to time, whether we’re on ... Read More >

How to Establish Healthy Stress Habits

By Mark Jewell | August 20, 2022
As sales professionals, we deal with stress on a regular basis. Sometimes the stress comes from setbacks or lost deals; ... Read More >
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