6 Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine

By Mark Jewell | June 18, 2022
How often do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a given day? If you’re a busy professional with a long ... Read More >

7 Tips to Active Listening

By Mark Jewell | June 17, 2022
Selling efficiency is a two-way street: You can’t just bombard your prospect with a sales pitch or a speech about all ... Read More >

Investor Relations Research

By Mark Jewell | June 16, 2022
Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while or have taken any of my sales-focused classes have probably ... Read More >

Savings to Include in Your Financial Summary

By Mark Jewell | June 15, 2022
Yesterday, we discussed the costs that should be included in your financial summary. Today, we’ll dive into the savings ... Read More >

Costs to Include in Your Financial Summary

By Mark Jewell | June 14, 2022
As I’m sure most of you know if you read my blog regularly, compelling (and accurate) financial analysis is a key ... Read More >

Nine Lies About Work

By Mark Jewell | June 13, 2022
There will always be supposedly “tried and true” advice that turns out to be a myth.  When it comes to work, authors ... Read More >

Habits of Well-Liked Bosses

By Mark Jewell | June 11, 2022
If you manage a team of employees, your trust and engagement have major impacts on the success of your company. A team ... Read More >

Connecting the Dots to Seal the Deal

By Mark Jewell | June 10, 2022
In today’s blog, I have a few stories about the power of the connecting the dots, courtesy of some colleagues of mine.  Read More >

7 Tips for Effective Proofreading

By Mark Jewell | June 09, 2022
When you deliver a written piece to a prospect or client (whether it’s an email, letter, proposal, invoice, etc.), ... Read More >

A Map to Guide the Way

By Mark Jewell | June 08, 2022
One of the most valuable things you can do before approaching a new organization with a proposal is to determine ... Read More >
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