Blocking Negative Thoughts

By Mark Jewell | July 25, 2020
We live in a time that’s saturated with bad news, which is seemingly easier to find when living in isolation. It ... Read More >

What’s Your Affirmation?

By Mark Jewell | July 24, 2020
Now is as good a time as any to ask yourself, “What are my goals?” Things have changed over the past several months, ... Read More >

How to Be More In-Demand as a Consultant

By Mark Jewell | July 23, 2020
I was recently asked about being a consultant, particularly concerning the challenges of remote selling. There is ... Read More >

7 Tips for Hosting a Successful Webinar

By Mark Jewell | July 22, 2020
As a subject matter expert and teacher, I’ve been hosting webinars for several years. Now that they have become a ... Read More >

5 Tips for Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages

By Mark Jewell | July 21, 2020
The phone call is a valuable and powerful tool, ­especially in sales; however, it should be used with care and ... Read More >

Turning Adversity into Advantage

By Mark Jewell | July 20, 2020
When it comes to confidence or talent, some people are luckier than others and the old adage, “hard work pays off” ... Read More >

Habits of the Best Remote Workers

By Mark Jewell | July 18, 2020
Some of us have found ourselves returning to our offices and workplaces (or will in the near future) following the ... Read More >

Reasons to Get Prospects Interested in You

By Mark Jewell | July 17, 2020
In yesterday’s blog, we discussed some of the yardsticks that key decision-makers use to measure their success. In that ... Read More >

Customize Your Value Proposition

By Mark Jewell | July 16, 2020
Approaching your prospect with a strong value proposition is vital to your sales success. While many salespeople simply ... Read More >

Filling Your Pipeline

By Mark Jewell | July 15, 2020
Throughout my new Selling in a Recession series, one of the phrases you’ll hear me repeat is “overfill your pipeline.”  ... Read More >
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