Your Proposal Might Not Be Perfect

By Mark Jewell | February 13, 2018
My goal as an instructor is to make sure you're successful.  When you write a one-page proposal it might not be ... Read More >

Technical Appendix of Your Proposal

By Mark Jewell | October 11, 2017
Yesterday, I wrote about why you should avoid discussing the technical aspects of your efficiency projects and instead ... Read More >

8 Tips for Writing a Stellar Proposal

By Mark Jewell | February 01, 2017
  The way in which you frame your product or service in a proposal can mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no.” ... Read More >

Expanded LCCA

By Mark Jewell | December 20, 2016
Too many of your prospects are fascinated with Simple Payback Period, and it’s makes NO sense to focus on that metric ... Read More >

Reviewing Your Proposal

By Mark Jewell | September 08, 2016
Developing an outstanding proposal takes time. It can be a laborious and frustrating process; however, if the end ... Read More >

Take the Safe Road

By Mark Jewell | May 26, 2016
  Let’s say you’re preparing a cost/benefit analysis for a proposed efficiency upgrade. The worksheet incorporates your ... Read More >

Checking Before Sending

By Mark Jewell | May 25, 2016
  When you deliver a written piece to a prospect or client (whether it’s an email, letter, proposal, invoice, etc.), ... Read More >

Discussing CapEx Reserves Effectively

By Mark Jewell | May 03, 2016
  On Friday, we talked about the types of Profit & Loss benefits you might choose to discuss with your prospects. ... Read More >

Focus on the Why

By Mark Jewell | April 26, 2016
    If you’ve attended one of my sales trainings or are a regular reader of my blogs, you’ve likely heard me talk about ... Read More >

Savings to Include in Your Financial Summary

By Mark Jewell | April 20, 2016
  Yesterday, we discussed the costs that should be included in your financial summary. Today, we’ll dive into the ... Read More >
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