Project Barriers

By Mark Jewell | April 29, 2022
There are countless reasons that a proposed energy project might not be approved. Rather than trying to predict which ... Read More >

Preparing Your Internal Champion

By Mark Jewell | April 28, 2022
People don't take action unless they're motivated, and people don't get motivated unless they're emotional about ... Read More >

Saving vs. Gaining

By Mark Jewell | March 03, 2022
Whenever I do a keynote or coaching session for a sales team, I always ask to speak with a half-dozen or more “rock ... Read More >

Acknowledging the Sacrifice and Risk of Change

By Mark Jewell | December 16, 2021
“Comfort and the fear of change are the greatest enemies of success.”  -  Jeanette Coron    When you’re talking with a ... Read More >

How to Help Your Customers Regain Their Financial Footing

By Mark Jewell | March 24, 2021
One way to sell in our current environment is telling customers how energy efficiency will help them regain their ... Read More >

Short-Term Wins

By Mark Jewell | February 05, 2021
You may be convinced an energy-related solution you are proposing could drive important benefits for your ... Read More >

Arm Your Internal Champion

By Mark Jewell | February 04, 2021
Sometimes your internal champion doesn’t have the resources or staff to shepherd your efficiency project. If that’s the ... Read More >

Getting Through the Gatekeeper

By Mark Jewell | November 06, 2020
A lot of people misunderstand the role of the gatekeeper, such as an executive assistant or receptionist. They assume ... Read More >

Successful Lead Generation Tactic

By Mark Jewell | November 05, 2020
Years ago we added marketing to our offerings, teaching students about how they can utilize blogs, social media, ... Read More >

Effective Conversations with the C-Suite

By Mark Jewell | November 04, 2020
When you’re discussing financial benefits with the C-suite, not every conversation should be the same.  A CEO is often ... Read More >
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