Getting Through the Gatekeeper

By Mark Jewell | November 06, 2020
A lot of people misunderstand the role of the gatekeeper, such as an executive assistant or receptionist. They assume ... Read More >

Successful Lead Generation Tactic

By Mark Jewell | November 05, 2020
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Effective Conversations with the C-Suite

By Mark Jewell | November 04, 2020
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Bringing Dead Customers Leads Back to Life

By Mark Jewell | October 30, 2020
Sometimes a prospect goes silent.  If you have already sent your one-page proposal and have a good relationship with ... Read More >

Sometimes a Change of Perspective is All It Takes

By Mark Jewell | October 29, 2020
When it comes to perspective, you might be able to change a prospect’s outlook by reminding them of what’s important, ... Read More >

The Power of Digits-To-Widgets™

By Mark Jewell | October 23, 2020
Imagine you're going to sell an energy efficiency upgrade to a homeowner, and you're going to save them some serious ... Read More >

How to Hit the Acupressure Points for Your Prospects

By Mark Jewell | October 14, 2020
I've often said that every sale is made emotionally and then justified financially.  I'm not suggesting “emotional” as ... Read More >

Build Your Competitive Advantage

By Mark Jewell | October 13, 2020
Knowing your particular niche is essential. In our trainings we often refer to Michael Porter’s arsenal of competitive ... Read More >

How to Make a Memorable Elevator Pitch

By Mark Jewell | June 12, 2020
Now more than ever we need to make our elevator pitches memorable and compelling.  One of my favorite examples is a ... Read More >

Stacking the Deck in Your Favor, Part 2

By Mark Jewell | June 11, 2020
Today, we’ll continue with two more examples that address the following questions (again, through the lens of an HVAC ... Read More >