Don't Talk Past the Sale

By Mark Jewell | August 31, 2022
I talk a lot about being concise and focusing attention on the real value proposition, particularly in the context of ... Read More >

Proposal Writing Tips

By Mark Jewell | August 30, 2022
The way in which you frame your product or service in a proposal can mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no.” ... Read More >

How to Follow Up After Sending a Proposal

By Mark Jewell | August 24, 2022
In this time-sliced society, people are interested in action.  People start muttering under their breath if their web ... Read More >

Your Proposal May Not be Perfect

By Mark Jewell | August 03, 2022
My goal as an instructor is to make sure you're successful.  When you write a one-page proposal it might not be ... Read More >

Proposal Cover Page

By Mark Jewell | July 15, 2022
The one-page proposal format is remarkably effective.  Hundreds of our graduates have taken the time to share with me ... Read More >

How to Write a One-Page Proposal That Gets a "Yes!"

By Mark Jewell | February 22, 2022
In Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate, she says there are people who produce reports, which are ponderous, comprehensive and ... Read More >

Three Documents You Need for a Sales Meeting

By Mark Jewell | January 20, 2022
When you attend an online or in-person sales meeting you should have three documents prepared and ready to go.  Before ... Read More >

4 Principles of a Good One-Page Proposal

By Mark Jewell | December 21, 2021
I've had a lot of conversations with people regarding what makes our one-page proposal successful. "What about my ... Read More >

8 Tips for Writing Effective Proposals

By Mark Jewell | October 15, 2021
In my many years of reading and writing proposals, I’ve come up with some universal guidelines that apply to virtually ... Read More >

4 One-page Proposal Formats

By Mark Jewell | January 26, 2021
In keep with last week’s one-page proposal discussion, I’m a firm believer that there are several different one-page ... Read More >
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