How to Address the 'We Don’t Have the Money' Objection

By Mark Jewell | May 15, 2020
Virtually everyone in the business world today is dealing with economic uncertainty.  You’ll likely hear a common ... Read More >

What a Good Sales Manager Should Do

By Mark Jewell | March 18, 2020
Sales managers should always be asking their people for stories so their Success Story Archive™ becomes a living ... Read More >

How to Overcome Objections – Part Three

By Mark Jewell | March 10, 2020
Part 3 of our “Overcoming Objections” series addresses a very common objection in a non-residential landlord/tenant ... Read More >

How to Overcome Objections – Part Two

By Mark Jewell | March 06, 2020
Part 2 of the “How to Overcome Objections” series covers the classic issue of the reluctant prospect who insists that ... Read More >

How to Overcome Objections – Part One

By Mark Jewell | March 05, 2020
There are a handful of common objections that we energy sales professionals tend to hear time and time again. Over the ... Read More >

The Older Building Excuse

By Mark Jewell | January 03, 2019
Every now and then you’ll hear the objection that it’s too hard to make older buildings energy efficient.  I think ... Read More >

Do Free Lighting Audits Make Sense?

By Mark Jewell | September 11, 2018
I am not a big fan of the free lighting audit.  My feeling is if free lighting audits worked we wouldn't be in this ... Read More >

Facing Objections (and Staring Them Down)

By Mark Jewell | September 10, 2018
Overcoming objections is a large part of what we teach at Selling Energy, so a book on the subject by the likes of ... Read More >

How to Dispel the Old Building Myth

By Mark Jewell | November 10, 2017
Have you ever tried selling an efficiency product or service to a prospect with an older building, only to hear your ... Read More >

Replace Myth with Math and Motivation

By Mark Jewell | November 09, 2017
“Value is created by the compression of time.”  The quote above comes from Peter Drucker, an acclaimed management ... Read More >
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