Connecting the Dots to Seal the Deal

By Mark Jewell | June 10, 2022
In today’s blog, I have a few stories about the power of the connecting the dots, courtesy of some colleagues of mine.  Read More >

The Value of an Occupied Seat

By Mark Jewell | May 04, 2022
If you’re trying to sell energy solutions to educational institutions, you need to expand the discussion to include ... Read More >

Project Barriers

By Mark Jewell | April 29, 2022
There are countless reasons that a proposed energy project might not be approved. Rather than trying to predict which ... Read More >

Preparing Your Internal Champion

By Mark Jewell | April 28, 2022
People don't take action unless they're motivated, and people don't get motivated unless they're emotional about ... Read More >

Reluctant Buyer

By Mark Jewell | March 23, 2022
Many buyers have a tendency to talk themselves out of the sale. Your job as an energy sales professional is to make ... Read More >

Quantify and Monetize

By Mark Jewell | March 11, 2022
If you read my last two blog posts (see “Pursuing Energy, Part One” and “Pursuing Energy, Part Two”) you know that ... Read More >

Pursuing Energy, Part Two

By Mark Jewell | March 09, 2022
Today, we’ll continue with more drivers for energy improvements beyond the most obvious “saving energy” or “saving ... Read More >

Pursuing Energy, Part One

By Mark Jewell | March 08, 2022
Many people invest in energy measures to save energy and/or money. While these are both great reasons in and of ... Read More >

Tried-and-True Sales Strategy to Motivate a Prospect

By Mark Jewell | February 10, 2022
Motivating a prospect is a specific and tricky business.  Recently I shared an example on one of our monthly Mastermind ... Read More >

How to Sell to a Property Manager Effectively, Part Two

By Mark Jewell | November 17, 2021
What does it mean to get the job done? First, you have to get that property manager fired up with the idea that you’re ... Read More >
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