Reframing Your Motivation

By Mark Jewell | August 25, 2022
No matter how much we love our jobs, there are times when work can seem tedious. Maybe we have to make a bunch of cold ... Read More >

The Green Agenda

By Mark Jewell | August 10, 2022
It’s no secret that many salespeople are drawn to the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries because they ... Read More >

Focus on the Why

By Mark Jewell | August 09, 2022
If you’ve attended one of my sales trainings or are a regular reader of my blogs, you’ve likely heard me talk about ... Read More >

Wine, Cheese, and LEDs

By Mark Jewell | August 04, 2022
They say repetition is the mother of learning.  You’ve probably heard me say more than once that one of the most ... Read More >

Time = Money

By Mark Jewell | July 13, 2022
One of the biggest roadblocks in getting efficiency projects approved is time. Busy people place a high value on their ... Read More >

What's Your Focus?

By Mark Jewell | July 08, 2022
When you approach a prospect with a new project, you have a very limited amount of time to convince them that your ... Read More >

Charge Up Your "Passion Battery"

By Mark Jewell | July 07, 2022
Think back to the last time you bought something after being convinced by someone else that it was a worthwhile ... Read More >

Setting Yourself Apart from Your Competition

By Mark Jewell | July 01, 2022
When it comes to sales, a lot of our time is spent learning about a prospect’s needs.  Sometimes, one needs to “connect ... Read More >

What Unexpected Benefits Could Your Product or Service Deliver?

By Mark Jewell | June 23, 2022
In many of our keynotes and workshops we highlight “non-utility-cost financial benefits” and “non-financial benefits.”  ... Read More >

Overcoming the Killjoy

By Mark Jewell | June 22, 2022
At some point, all of us have dealt with (or will deal with) a character I call “The Killjoy.”  This person may be ... Read More >
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