Hypothetical Selling

By Mark Jewell | August 26, 2021
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How to Measure Online Sales Training

By Mark Jewell | August 18, 2021
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Identify Your Prospect’s Purchasing Motive

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How to Find Your Customer’s Why

By Mark Jewell | August 06, 2021
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Assemble an Objections Archive

By Mark Jewell | August 05, 2021
Keeping an Objections Archive™ is just as important as keeping a Story Archive™.  These are indispensable items to have ... Read More >

Assemble a Story Archive

By Mark Jewell | August 04, 2021
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Keeping Grandma Warm

By Mark Jewell | July 30, 2021
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How to Turn a No Into a Yes

By Mark Jewell | June 24, 2021
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What Motivates a Property Manager?

By Mark Jewell | June 11, 2021
A property manager’s main role is as a tenant concierge.  Their job is multi-faceted but breaks down to the following:  Read More >

How to Ask for Testimonials

By Mark Jewell | June 10, 2021
Our prospect’s workdays remain fast-paced, so asking for a testimonial can come across as adding another item to their ... Read More >