Sitting in on the Meeting

By Mark Jewell | August 11, 2022
Have you ever been in a situation where a prospect tells you that they need to talk to the rest of their committee ... Read More >

How to Keep a Meeting Agenda on Track

By Mark Jewell | May 11, 2022
There will be times when you find yourself in a meeting that’s getting off track.  Here are just two examples: Read More >

Got a Meeting? Make it a Walking Meeting

By Mark Jewell | April 10, 2017
Before you head into your next meeting, watch this TED Talk by business innovator, Nolifer Merchant, on how you can ... Read More >

Have Respect for Your Prospect’s Time

By Mark Jewell | December 23, 2016
When a prospect agrees to meet with you, it’s vital that you respect the time you’ve been given. Let’s say your ... Read More >

Stick to the Agenda

By Mark Jewell | October 20, 2016
  Whether you’re holding a meeting internally or with a prospect’s organization, it’s important that you create an ... Read More >

Schedule the Next Meeting Now

By Mark Jewell | April 24, 2015
At the conclusion of your first meeting with a prospect, do you schedule a follow-up visit before you leave…or do you ... Read More >

Prep for the Meeting

By Mark Jewell | April 04, 2015
Meetings are an important part of running a successful business, whether they’re held internally or with clients. There ... Read More >

Leave a Good Impression

By Mark Jewell | April 01, 2015
Once you’ve made a good first impression, keep the positive relationship alive by leaving a lasting impression. Here ... Read More >

Make a Good First Impression

By Mark Jewell | March 31, 2015
When you’re in a new sales situation, making a good first impression is crucial. Even if you’re an expert in your ... Read More >

Using Emphasis

By Mark Jewell | March 24, 2015
When you’re giving a presentation, use emphasis to your advantage. There are lots of different ways you can use ... Read More >
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