Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Mark Jewell | August 13, 2022
Sales professionals understand that successful selling is a holistic practice. Their choices and habits, both in their ... Read More >

Designing the Office That Works Best for Your Team

By Mark Jewell | June 24, 2022
If you were to update an office for today, I would make the following recommendations for your floor to make it more ... Read More >

Training Your Brain for Resilience

By Mark Jewell | September 04, 2021
Being resilient is a quality you need to maintain and practice. This Saturday I recommend that you take the time to ... Read More >

Sales Professional as a Symphony Conductor

By Mark Jewell | September 03, 2021
When planning your strategy for closing a complex sale, one of the first questions you need to ask is, “How many ... Read More >

Making the Right Changes for Remote Selling

By Mark Jewell | September 02, 2021
In spite of our current situation, industries are still producing, customers are still consuming, and many companies ... Read More >

How to Leverage Soft Selling

By Mark Jewell | January 20, 2021
The last thing prospects want to experience during a sale is pressure or desperation, especially considering the ... Read More >

Fighting Sales Fatigue

By Mark Jewell | October 06, 2020
Considering what all of us and the wide world are going through, it isn’t surprising that feelings of futility and ... Read More >

To Sell Is Human

By Mark Jewell | August 24, 2020
If you’re familiar with my teachings you’ve heard of The Accidental Salesperson, not only as a concept, but as ... Read More >

Benefits of Circling Back

By Mark Jewell | August 12, 2020
One of the most important parts of the sales cycle remains overlooked.  It’s imperative that you “circle back” to every ... Read More >

7 Time-Saving Tips for Stressed Parents Working from Home

By Mark Jewell | April 04, 2020
As every working from home parent knows, time is a scarce commodity more valuable than gold. Finding new ways to ... Read More >
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