Now is the Time for Efficiency

By Mark Jewell | April 20, 2021
We are in the middle of a sea change this year: a large number of employers are allowing their employees to work from ... Read More >

How to Discuss Recommissioning Effectively

By Mark Jewell | January 05, 2021
I was recently asked for advice about how to sell recommissioning services more effectively. First, a definition of ... Read More >

How to Manage Pressure

By Mark Jewell | December 12, 2020
Every sales professional experiences pressure; however, it doesn't necessarily have to be an obstacle or dead end.  ... Read More >

Strategies for Selling in a Recession

By Mark Jewell | December 11, 2020
As challenging as prospecting and marketing might seem in these new COVID-19 climate, keep in mind that not all is ... Read More >

3 Tips on Leveraging Energy Compliance

By Mark Jewell | December 10, 2020
I was recently asked about prospects who say “no” to efficiency because of a perhaps misplaced emphasis on energy ... Read More >

Embracing Hope on Earth Day

By Mark Jewell | April 22, 2020
Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  I find this milestone to be especially significant for at least two ... Read More >

Energy Efficiency Benefits

By Mark Jewell | March 13, 2020
For most businesses, you might think that the primary driver for energy efficiency projects is saving money on the ... Read More >

The Value of Appraisal

By Mark Jewell | August 01, 2019
When you’re selling an energy efficiency solution in the built environment, you might consider emphasizing the ... Read More >

From Flush to Fish!

By Mark Jewell | April 22, 2019
Given that today is Earth Day, I’d like to share the story of how I migrated my career from commercial real estate to a ... Read More >
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