The Importance of Business Acumen

By Mark Jewell | June 16, 2021
Business acumen training for salespeople is key. Why is that? I believe the reason is twofold. Read More >

How to Effectively Sell Cogeneration Systems

By Mark Jewell | May 21, 2021
I was recently asked about how to sell cogeneration systems effectively. For those not in the know, Scientific ... Read More >

When Is the Best Time to Ask for a Referral?

By Mark Jewell | May 20, 2021
A lot of people don't ask for referrals because they think it's begging.  It's not. Read More >

3 Tips for Effective Follow-Up

By Mark Jewell | May 19, 2021
A famous comedian once said, 90% of success is just showing up. Many times in sales, at least 90% of your success is ... Read More >

Are You Comfortable with Your Metrics?

By Mark Jewell | May 18, 2021
It is really important to understand whether certain metrics used to justify expense-reducing capital projects are ... Read More >

Concentrating on the Now

By Mark Jewell | May 17, 2021
Most of us have our sights set on the future. The problem is that we’re constantly waiting to get there, instead of ... Read More >

Using Two Magic Words

By Mark Jewell | May 15, 2021
When writing or communicating with our prospects, our choice of words is front and center. We describe what we’ve been ... Read More >

Take the Long View

By Mark Jewell | May 14, 2021
It’s a lot easier to make additional sales to existing clients than it is to get new customers. I'm often amazed when I ... Read More >

Digits-To-Widgets™ for Homeowners

By Mark Jewell | May 13, 2021
Imagine you're going to sell an energy efficiency upgrade to a homeowner, and you're going to save them a meaningful ... Read More >

Selling During a Crisis

By Mark Jewell | May 12, 2021
When it comes to being a sales professional, experiencing hard times is inevitable. Over the last forty years, I have ... Read More >
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