How to Be More In-Demand as a Consultant

By Mark Jewell | August 20, 2021
I was recently asked about being a consultant, particularly concerning the challenges of remote selling. There is ... Read More >

12 Practical Ways to Find and Generate Leads

By Mark Jewell | April 17, 2020
Finding high-quality leads for your product or service wherever you are is vital for successful business development. ... Read More >

Lead Generation Tips

By Mark Jewell | October 17, 2017
Finding high-quality leads for your product or service is vital for successful business development. Here are some ... Read More >

Repeat Business: Sell More to Your Existing Customer Base

By Mark Jewell | October 03, 2017
  Finding new prospects is a time-consuming activity and often requires a great deal of research, cold calling, email ... Read More >

Habits of Successful Networkers

By Mark Jewell | July 06, 2016
  “The way of the world is meeting people through other people.” – Robert Kerrigan  Networking is a necessary component ... Read More >

Be the Expert

By Mark Jewell | June 08, 2016
  Yesterday I shared an article on seven actions designed to help you get more referrals and introductions. Ideally, ... Read More >

7 Behaviors to Get More Referrals and Introductions

By Mark Jewell | June 07, 2016
  In the efficiency business, a successful referral can mean the difference between a lousy month and a great one. You ... Read More >

Hope Is Not a Strategy

By Mark Jewell | June 06, 2016
  As we all know, selling efficiency is often not a simple task. The technology involved can be complex. Many prospects ... Read More >

Attract More Customers Through Cross-Promotion

By Mark Jewell | June 03, 2016
  There are not enough hours in the day to find every potential customer the old-fashioned way. Taking the time to ... Read More >

From Flush To Fish

By Mark Jewell | April 22, 2016
  Given that today is Earth Day, I’d like to share the story of how I migrated my career from commercial real estate to ... Read More >
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