What’s Your Affirmation?

By Mark Jewell | July 24, 2020
Now is as good a time as any to ask yourself, “What are my goals?” Things have changed over the past several months, ... Read More >

How to Be More In-Demand as a Consultant

By Mark Jewell | July 23, 2020
I was recently asked about being a consultant, particularly concerning the challenges of remote selling. There is ... Read More >

Listen Closely, Let Them Ask the Questions

By Mark Jewell | January 14, 2016
Passionate people love to talk about their passions. If you’re in the efficiency industry, you may be passionate about ... Read More >

Body Language, Part Two

By Mark Jewell | January 13, 2016
Today, we’ll continue with some more body language clues: If your prospect feels confident in what they are saying or ... Read More >

Body Language, Part One

By Mark Jewell | January 12, 2016
True sales professionals pay close attention to body language. Why is it valuable to understand body language? First, ... Read More >

Story Branding

By Mark Jewell | May 18, 2015
Those of you who have attended any of my workshops know that I love to tell stories. As an educator, I’ve found that ... Read More >

How the World Sees You

By Mark Jewell | April 13, 2015
When you’re selling efficiency products and services, your prospects are not just buying your offering – they’re buying ... Read More >

Creating Your Brand

By Mark Jewell | March 19, 2015
Branding yourself and your business is key to success. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Do your clients ... Read More >
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