Fill Your Bucket

By Mark Jewell | January 30, 2023
Humans are, by nature, driven by emotion. Any savvy sales professional knows how important emotion is in the ... Read More >

Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire

By Mark Jewell | January 23, 2023
Getting ahead in this business requires forward-focused thinking, creativity, and innovation. Unless your offerings are ... Read More >

Assess Your Assets

By Mark Jewell | January 16, 2023
“Push yourself, just work harder and harder, and get others to work harder too.  Eventually, you will become successful ... Read More >

What Color Is Your Parachute?

By Mark Jewell | January 09, 2023
Are you currently looking for a new job or planning to transition to a better role? This might seem intimidating since ... Read More >

Turning Your Fear of Failure Into Fortune

By Mark Jewell | January 02, 2023
Failure is inevitable, no matter what you choose to pursue. The good news is that failure can provide a learning ... Read More >

Skills for Becoming a Power Couple

By Mark Jewell | December 26, 2022
One of the biggest transitions for people last year was the new reality of working from home, and what’s more, sharing ... Read More >

How to Land a Meeting with a C-Level Executive

By Mark Jewell | December 20, 2022
Getting a meeting with a CEO, CFO or anyone else at the C-level can be challenging.  I can tell you that you’re not ... Read More >

Becoming a Master Innovator

By Mark Jewell | December 19, 2022
Being an innovator won’t always gain you popularity points, and in times like these, many folks think it’s more prudent ... Read More >

Winning the Battle Against Screen Fatigue

By Mark Jewell | December 05, 2022
Nowadays we do just about everything using screens. Our phones, tablets, televisions and computers are the hubs where ... Read More >

Make Yourself TED-Worthy

By Mark Jewell | November 28, 2022
When it comes to designing presentations, my go-to books are Nancy Duarte’s Resonate and Slide:Ology. However, if ... Read More >
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