Find Your Inner Genius

By Mark Jewell | October 05, 2020
Few people would use “master” or “an intellectual giant” to describe someone they work with. So, what would you think ... Read More >

Shifting to the Intangible

By Mark Jewell | August 10, 2020
When you’re selling energy efficiency solutions, they are often defined as a high-dollar intangible. Now that we’re ... Read More >

The Infinite Game

By Mark Jewell | April 13, 2020
How often does the word “winning” find its way into business language?  Often, as we all know. Nevertheless, what if ... Read More >

Your Workplace Needs a Check-Up

By Mark Jewell | March 16, 2020
We live in a culture where health is either blatantly ignored or an obsession depending on your world view.  It guides ... Read More >

Everyone Is A Salesperson

By Mark Jewell | March 02, 2020
If you’re familiar with my teachings you’ve heard of The Accidental Salesperson, not only as a concept, but as a ... Read More >

Making the Stretch

By Mark Jewell | December 30, 2019
Imagine having a personal trainer on hand, only instead of focusing on your fitness you were working on your business ... Read More >

The Scrum Fieldbook

By Mark Jewell | December 23, 2019
When it comes to highly sought advice, some of the most successful companies in the world have turned to the same ... Read More >
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