Stillness is Key

By Mark Jewell | June 29, 2020
In our culture, action seems to be the answer to everything.  Why has it become taboo to put aside some time to be ... Read More >

All You Have to Do Is Ask

By Mark Jewell | June 15, 2020
In the business culture it’s expected that we are knowledgeable and quick on our feet.  We should be ready with ... Read More >

Boost Your Productivity

By Mark Jewell | June 08, 2020
I have written about Jill Konrath’s books before, but her latest is a timely, deeply researched exploration of sales ... Read More >

When the Going Gets Tough

By Mark Jewell | June 01, 2020
Some principles of selling will always be the same, and although the times may change, human nature remains consistent ... Read More >

Use Your Emotional Intelligence

By Mark Jewell | May 25, 2020
Emotions play a huge role in making a sale, which is something I make sure to impart to all of my students.  It’s ... Read More >

Big (Inbound) Changes Ahead

By Mark Jewell | May 18, 2020
Part of our new Selling in a Recession online curriculum addresses how the nature of sales is changing at a rapid ... Read More >

Build on Your Business Relationships

By Mark Jewell | May 11, 2020
Beginning with the fallout from the 2008 recession, 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication begins with real estate agent ... Read More >

Feeling Overwhelmed?  You Can Still Get Things Done

By Mark Jewell | May 04, 2020
Your desk is getting messy.  Projects are piling up.  Your inbox is overflowing with unanswered messages.  Your ... Read More >

Dealing With Disruption

By Mark Jewell | April 27, 2020
Changes and challenges are inevitable when you’re working in sales.  This is something we’re dealing with right now in ... Read More >

The Big Stretch

By Mark Jewell | April 20, 2020
Imagine having a personal trainer on hand, only instead of focusing on your fitness you were working on your business ... Read More >