Tax Implications, Part 2

By Mark Jewell | February 02, 2023
Yesterday, we talked about tax deductions, tax credits, marginal tax rates, and effective tax rates. Today, we’re going ... Read More >

Tax Implications, Part 1

By Mark Jewell | February 01, 2023
Over the course of the next two days, we’ll discuss taxes and tax incentives in the context of efficiency projects. ... Read More >

Money-Saving Driver

By Mark Jewell | January 31, 2023
How often does the promise of saving money drive decisions? Well, let me rephrase that. Here in America, are we known ... Read More >

Fill Your Bucket

By Mark Jewell | January 30, 2023
Humans are, by nature, driven by emotion. Any savvy sales professional knows how important emotion is in the ... Read More >

Weekly Recap, January 29, 2023

By Mark Jewell | January 29, 2023
Here are our sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs... Read More >

What Makes You Confident?

By Mark Jewell | January 28, 2023
For some people, confidence comes naturally.  For others, it’s a practiced talent.  Either way, the impression left on ... Read More >

Going the Extra Mile on Follow-Up

By Mark Jewell | January 27, 2023
I was recently asked about my favorite ways to follow-up with customers. Considering how many touches it takes to make ... Read More >

The Case for LinkedIn

By Mark Jewell | January 26, 2023
I have long championed LinkedIn as a way to communicate with prospects or check in with customers. It can be an ace up ... Read More >

Do Free Lighting Audits Make Sense?

By Mark Jewell | January 25, 2023
I am not a big fan of the free lighting audit.  My feeling is if free lighting audits worked, we wouldn't be in this ... Read More >

Non-Financial Benefits

By Mark Jewell | January 24, 2023
I have often used the “three buckets of energy benefits” analogy to explain what a prospect can get out of an ... Read More >
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