Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Industry Conference



In the wake of attending the 28th AESP National Conference & Expo in New Orleans, we decided to focus today’s productivity blog on making the most of conference and expo events. Today, many products and services are sold in a single call over the phone.  Other sales are completed with a few finger swipes on a tablet to locate the item and a single click to enter it into a shopping cart and consummate the transaction. However, in more complex selling contexts, if you are looking to uncover ways to grow your company’s business, having face-to-face interactions can be vital, and your industry’s conference can provide the perfect in-person setting. With a little prep and the right attitude, these events can even be enjoyable.  They give you a chance to catch up with peers and clients, network with new prospects, and learn about innovative trends.  Moreover, if you’ve taken the time to apply for and win the right to be a presenter, you could even establish yourself as a subject matter expert, which helps build a foundation of respect upon which you can build new customer relationships. 

Whether you are a small business or a part of a larger organization, attending an industry event can deplete your daily productivity reserve. Thus, being prepared with conference goals and action plans can ensure you have a successful experience. Business Insider’s article, “How to Make the Most of Your Next Industry Conference” is a great starting point for doing just that. Although it’s an older article, we find its advice to be both timeless and relevant.  For example, “Be more interested than interesting, more fascinated than fascinating.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell