The Two-Minute Sleep Plan


“How did you sleep last night?” 

Two-Minute Sleep Plan

It’s a question we ask each other often, and most of the time we answer negatively.  Regardless of age, ethnicity, or where you live, it’s common that we simply don’t get enough and often struggle with the reasons why. 

With this in mind, I happened upon an article exploring a two-minute technique that has been a successful sleep-aid.  Recently published in the men’s health magazine Joe, this military-endorsed tactic has a 96% success rate and was introduced to the public in 1981.  For more info on this technique and its background, the direct link to the article is here. 

For further reading: we live in an era where scientists are still unraveling the science behind sleep and how our lifestyles and technological advances are affecting it.  If you want to read a more in-depth examination of our sleep cycles and how they are shifting in a quickly changing world, I’d recommend checking out the recent cover story of National Geographic’s August issue, “The Science of Sleep.”  You’ll never think of your required 8 hours the same way again.

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Posted by Mark Jewell