The To-Do List Strategy That Works


On this Saturday’s productivity post, we share a different method of creating your to-do lists. Whether you write your tasks with the help of pen and paper, or you use productivity apps such as Asana, you may still run into the problem of not accomplishing all your tasks. If you’ve been feeling a little more anxious as your daily to-do list grows longer and longer, we recommend trying the Eisenhower Matrix.

to-do list strategy that works

In their article, “This To-Do List Strategy Just Makes Sense (and That's Why It Works)”, The Muse shares that the Eisenhower Matrix (inspired by former president, Dwight D. Eisenhower) focuses on categorizing to-dos based on their level of importance and energy. The four categories are:

  • Category 1: Important and Urgent 
  • Category 2: Important but Not Urgent 
  • Category 3: Not Important but Urgent 
  • Category 4: Not Important and Not Urgent 

If you are interested in trying a new method next week, we recommend reading more about the strategy here.

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Posted by Mark Jewell