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The Simplest Goal-Setting


When it comes to success, sometimes the simplest goal-setting will keep you on track.  In an interview, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps shared how he motivates himself: keeping his personal goals in a place he can see them. 

THe Simplest Goal-Setting
Like anyone else there are days where he doesn’t feel great or eager to get out of bed.   Seeing his hand-written notes reminds him why it’s imperative to keep going: “I have to see something for why I’m getting up in the morning and what I’m doing that day.”

 Regardless of whether you’re a star athlete, a stay-at-home parent or a business professional on the go, small gestures like these can focus your priorities.  What are some small things you can do to remind yourself of your goals and motivations? 

You’ll find more about Phelps’ thoughts on personal goal-setting here.

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Posted by Mark Jewell